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Providing Superior Voice Communications Services

Third Base International Telecom offers wholesale Cloud Based Voice Communications Services that are designed specifically to meet the needs of Wholesale Telecommunications customers around the world.

USA & Canada Wholesale Termination Services

We can offer you a long distance calling plan with one flat rate for all of the USA and Canada, alternatively, you can choose our NPA/NXX based calling plan where the prices vary depending on the number called.  With Third Base International Telecom you always get the lowest rates and the highest quality no matter where you call. Third Base International Telecom connects directly with hundreds of voice communications service providers in the USA and Canada.  Get Superior Connections and Superior Service with just One Connection when utilizing our USA and Canada Wholesale Carrier Termination services.  We offer customized call plans for call centers, research firms, and other telecom companies with high volumes of long distance calls that need to be made simultaneously.  Third Base International Telecom provides calling plans that are specifically designed for calls coming from high volume marketing campaigns, election polling, and other call center applications.

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USA Toll-Free and DID Origination Services

Do you want to reduce expenses for your existing Toll-free or DID service? We have a great service designed specifically for wholesale providers, call centers and pre-paid debit card providers that utilize Toll-Free and DID numbers for their customers to connect with them.

We offer a Cloud Based Toll-Free and DID number service on a worldwide basis that enable us to provide you with a service that is designed to reduce your inbound calling expenses while providing you with the highest quality service. We offer wholesale Toll Free and DID calling plans that are flexible and is designed to meet the individual needs of our customers. We offer both Flat Rate and NPA/NXX based calling plans and we also offer plans based on the number of Ports required.

International Long Distance Termination Services

Avoid paying high prices when making calls outside of the United States and Canada. We offer high quality overseas connections to over  250 Countries Worldwide  enabling our wholesale customers, resellers and operators of overseas call centers, and other service providers the ability to provide high quality-low cost International Termination service to their customers.

International Toll-Free and DID Services

Do you need a number outside of the United States for you customers to call? This service is designed for telemarketing companies, pre-paid card providers, and any business that requires a presence outside of the United States.  We offer Toll Free and DID services in over 125 countries worldwide. 

Wholesale Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking

Do your customers make calls through the Internet? Third Base International Telecom offers Wholesale Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking service that enables you to offer your customers a Local and Long Distance calling service that connects directly through the internet. This service is great for retail stores, small businesses, and call centers and research firms on a worldwide basis. We offer Call Center customers on a world-wide basis a full service, completely CRM integrated Hosted PBX solution that is specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized call centers.

Stop paying your local telephone company for the services you don't use. We will provide you with a telephone number as well as local and long distance service. Third Base International Telecom provides a personalized customer service experience that you will enable your organization to reduce its expenses and increases worker productivity.